Pure Wellness Nutritionals Combines Science With Nature

Pure Wellness Nutritionals selects only the highest quality nutritional supplements available in the USA. Utilizing scientific research backed by doctors, Pure Wellness ensures each product has proven benefits from their use by harnessing real life test data. Unlike most over the counter supplements, Pure Wellness Nutritionals product line uses the purest ingredients ensuring harmful fillers or dyes are not part of the product.

Pure Wellness Nutritionals – Who We Are

Pure Wellness Nutritionals is headquartered in Washougal Washington. Its founder, Dr Michael Dornbusch, has been a Chiropractor for more than 18 years and operates a full time clinic. He is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and the well being of his patients. Dr Micheal Dornbusch uses many of the products in his clinics health programs which have astounding results. When you purchase supplements from Pure Wellness Nutritionals, you can be assured that Dr Dornbusch’s commitment to optimal health and over 18 years of scientifically medical data were used to select their product line. 

Our Mission

Pure Wellness Nutritionals is dedicated to promoting healthy well being to all. By harnessing the power of the internet, we are able to supply almost anyone, where ever they may reside, the highest quality nutritional supplements at competitive pricing to ensure you have access to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.