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Cardiac Testing

Pure Wellness Cardiac testing can identify problems with healthy cardio function before they become serious health concerns. Testing can also unlock data vital to restoring lost cardio function.

Restore Healthy Cardio Function

The Pure Wellness Cardio Restoration Program is designed to help restore cardio function back to optimal levels. Get more done. Feel better doing it!

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The most beneficial treatment in restoring proper cardio function is nutrition and lifestyle. Our program focuses on a personalized system utilizing natural methods. Combined with the latest techniques in modern medicine we are able to unlock your bodies maximum potential for healthy cardio function.

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide, causing approximately 800,000 deaths in the United States annually, or about one and three deaths.  This equates to about one every 40 seconds with coronary artery disease accounting for the majority of deaths, followed by stroke and heart failure.  The more staggering statistic is that more than 90 million Americans currently have a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.  Globally this disease causes 31% of all deaths at an estimated cost of $1,044 billion by 2030 according to Circulation in January 2017. 


Our lifestyle habits continue to be the leading cause of CVD including smoking, obesity and a lack of exercise.  As smoking rates decline, US obesity rates continue to increase with an estimated 37.7% of adults are obese and 34% have high blood pressure. 

Another major risk factor of CVD is diabetes and rates continue to increase with 23.4 million American adults currently diagnosed with the condition and an estimated 7.6 million undiagnosed.


Heart Disease has many causes, however the top 5 continue to be hypertension(high blood pressure), diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia(high or dysfunctional cholesterol), obesity and smoking.

Traditional evaluation and prevention strategies of these risk factors are creating a gap in properly identifying those with heart disease despite having normal levels of these risk factors.  In fact 50% of all patients with CVD  would be categorized as normal risk for heart disease.  Thus the outdated cholesterol centric approach to the management of CVD does not address the basic etiologies of the condition such as inflammation, oxidative stress and immune vascular dysfunction. 

As physicians continue to focus on this cholesterol focused approach, they fail to measure important details regarding the physiological etiology of heart disease and as such, a new approach is warranted.  There are actually 395 known risk factors of CVD that most physicians fail to identify and treat, which is why we have decided to begin focusing on the necessary tests that will help identify the individual patient’s risk factors and treat them accordingly!

Endothelial Dysfunction of the Blood Vessel

Damage to the inner lining of the blood vessel and endothelial cell membranes is the first and initial cause of all heart disease. The blood vessel has 3 finite responses to all of the infinite number of insults and risk factors:  inflammation, oxidative stress and vascular immune dysfunction.  First, inflammation occurs when the body attempts to remove injurious stimuli and initiate healing.  Second, oxidative stress results from an imbalance of reactive oxygen species(free radicals) and the body’s ability to detoxify the reactive substances.  Lastly, vascular immune dysfunction is due to T cell and B cell response to infectious agents and blood vessel dysfunction.

Small cellular injuries, whether from high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, glucose, microbes, toxins, heavy metals, or homocysteine leads to a heightened response to create further damage inside the cell. The normal physiological response by the blood vessel in the acute state will become pathological as the chronic insults cause unregulated vascular dysfunction.

The key to successful prevention and treatment is not only recognition of the risk factors, but most importantly modifying those risk factors and reducing their impact on the smallest cellular level before permanent damage results.

Functional Medicine and Nutrition Approach

The Cardiovascular system is the most affected system in the body from our lifestyle habits and their interaction with our specific genes. So the good news is that you can make the most profound impact on conditions of the heart and circulatory system through changes in lifestyle and taking the appropriate nutrients. In this program we will provide information about the affects of poor lifestyle choices and how to change them once and for all!! We may also recommend more advanced lipid profiles, prolonged blood pressure assessment, and specific genetic testing to assess your individual vulnerability.

Pure Wellness Cardiac Testing

Self Interpreting EKG/ECG: Used to determine the heart rhythm for abnormalities in contractility or arrhythmias.

Endopat Test: A very accurate test to determine vascular function and to assess the state of health of the endothelial lining.

Ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure monitoring to most accurately determine the patient’s blood pressure throughout the day, instead of one single instance of time.

Advanced Lipid Testing and glycation measurements can be used to properly assess several biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease.

Genetic Testing of single nucleotide polymorphisms that can dramatically increase the patient’s negative impact of their lifestyle choices. A specific test can now be done to assess the these genetic variants and properly determine their risk and alter their individual environment accordingly.

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