Comprehensive Cardio Test


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The comprehensive cardio test program is designed to aid unlocking data useful for building a personalized program for our Cardio Restoration Program. The test is also a useful aid in unlocking data to determine if there is an underlying potential condition related to healthy cardio function.

Self Interpreting EKG/ECG: Used to determine the heart rhythm for abnormalities in contractility or arrhythmias.

Endopat Test: A very accurate test to determine vascular function and to assess the state of health of the endothelial lining.

Ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure monitoring to most accurately determine the patient’s blood pressure throughout the day, instead of one single instance of time.

Advanced Lipid Testing and glycation measurements can be used to properly assess several biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease.

Genetic Testing of single nucleotide polymorphisms that can dramatically increase the patient’s negative impact of their lifestyle choices. A specific test can now be done to assess the these genetic variants and properly determine their risk and alter their individual environment accordingly.


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