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Exposure to environmental toxins can affect health. This at-home blood test provides insights about levels of heavy metals and essential elements in your body. Results include a personalized health plan.

Heavy Metals Bundle Details

Coming into contact with heavy metals can occur continuously in a person’s environment – via food, water, air pollution, cosmetics, medications, and many other common exposures in the home and work environments. Over time, too much exposure to heavy metals can lead to adverse health conditions. Thorne’s Heavy Metal Support Bundle contains Pectinate®, Liver Cleanse, and Heavy Metal Support – three formulas that promote the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.*

Pectinate® binds to heavy metals and gently eliminates them from the body.* Its formula is a combination of modified citrus pectin (MCP), alginate, and R-lipoic acid – in a great tasting powder that mixes easily in water. Modified citrus pectin surrounds and traps metal ions, which facilitates their gentle elimination from the body.* Alginate, from seaweed, is a chain of polysaccharides that also acts by surrounding and trapping metal ions.* And R-lipoic acid is a sulfur-containing antioxidant with recognized binding affinity for metal ions.* In addition to its own antioxidant activity in the body, R-lipoic acid also increases the body’s level of the premier intracellular antioxidant glutathione.*

Liver Cleanse is a unique combination of botanical ingredients that work synergistically to enhance liver function.* The botanical ingredients in Liver Cleanse promote the liver’s production and flow of bile, which helps to optimize metabolism and the excretion of adverse substances detoxified by the liver.* Liver Cleanse is specifically helpful during a comprehensive detoxification program.*

Heavy Metal Support helps maintain the normal balance of minerals in the body.* The selenium and alpha-lipoic acid in Heavy Metal Support act to increase the level of the important detoxification antioxidant glutathione.* And Heavy Metal Support helps replenish the magnesium that is typically lost during detoxification.*

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