ZRT 1 Panel Estradiol (E2) Hormone Imbalance Saliva Test Kit


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-Most common type of estrogen hormone measured
-Results Available in Just 5-7 Business Days From Date Specimen is Received
-Includes a Detailed Report of Hormone Levels to Review with Your Doctor

*In order to receive results, please print your email address clearly in the test requisition form included in the kit.
Estradiol is a steroid hormone in the human body that represents estrogen and comes from cholesterol. Estradiol is a critical part of sexual and reproductive function – acting as an anti-oxidant neuroprotective agent and known to be profoundly associated with bone growth. Estradiol is also suspected to play a large role in cancer of breast and uterine endometrial lining.
If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms below, measuring your Estradiol levels may assist you and your physician in making accurate and conclusive diagnosis. This saliva Estradiol imbalance testing service can tell you if your Estradiol levels are within the expected optimal range depending on your age and sex. It can be very helpful to you and your physician in determining if the observed complications are in any way associated with Estradiol signaling or not.
Common Signs and Symptoms of Female Estradiol Hormone Imbalance (Non Pregnant)
Acne or oily skin
Bone loss
Decreased fertility
Hot flashes
Heavy or painful periods
Irregular periods
Loss of muscle mass
Low libido
Memory lapses
Mood swings
Obstructed bile secretion or function
Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances
Tender or fibrocystic breasts
Uterine bleeding
Vaginal dryness
Common Signs and Symptoms of Male Estradiol Hormone Imbalance
Decreased mental clarity
Decreased muscle strength
Decreased stamina
Decreased urine flow
Erectile dysfunction
Hot flashes
Increased abdominal fat
Increased urge to urinate
Low sex drive
Mood swings
Night sweats
Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances
Difference between the three Estrogen hormones:

Produced by ovaries and fat tissue.
Preferred hormone to measure estrogen level in post menopausal women.
Also tests for men/women who might have cancer in ovaries/testicles in their adrenal glands.
Estrogen produced by ovaries before menopause.
Preferred testing hormone in non pregnant women.
Estrogen made in large quantities during pregnancy.
Most common Estrogen hormone tested in pregnant women.


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