ZRT 1 Panel Progesterone(Pg) Hormone Imbalance Saliva Test Kit


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Test for Progesterone (Pg) hormone levels in your saliva to see if there’s an imbalance that could be causing other wellness problems.
-Results Available in Just 5-7 Business Days From Date Specimen is Received
-Includes a Detailed Report of Hormone Levels to Review with Your Doctor

Testing for Progesterone
Progesterone is a precursor of other hormones, including estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. It has multiple functions in the central nervous system to regulate cognition, mood, inflammation, mitochondrial function, neurogenesis and regeneration, myelination and recovery from traumatic brain injury.
The Progesterone hormone imbalance saliva test may be used to:
Determine if a woman has ovulated, and the effectiveness of that ovulation.
Recognize/manage some causes of infertility.
Monitor high-risk pregnancies.
In early pregnancy, to help diagnose an ectopic or failing pregnancy.
Determine effectiveness of progesterone injections.
Help determine the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding in non-pregnant women.
This test helps determine a woman’s ability to become and remain pregnant. Abnormally high or low progesterone levels can be a sign of several health problems.
*In order to receive results, please print your email address clearly in the test requisition form included in the kit.


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