ZRT 3 Hormone Imbalance Home Blood Test Kit (E2, Pg, T)


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-Tests for Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg) and Testosterone (T) in Men and Women
-Results Available in Just 5-7 Business Days From Date Specimen is Received
-Includes a Detailed Report of Hormone Levels to Review with Your Doctor

*In order to receive results, please print your email address clearly in the test requisition form included in the kit.
The ZRT hormone imbalance test measures the following hormone levels:
Estradiol (E2)
Progesterone (Pg)
Testosterone (T)
Get the complete picture of your health by testing the levels of these hormones together. With the hormonal test conducted at once, ZRT can create hormone imbalance profile for the blood donor. This is always better than testing a single hormone level. Moreover, this process is easier and low-cost.
The Hormone 3 Panel gives you a partial hormone profile, which can give you an idea of your hormone health.
These hormone blood tests are ideal for at-home use where people can perform the collection at their convenience. As hormones work together, it makes more sense to test them for imbalances together rather than testing single hormones at a time.
Why test for these hormone levels?
Estradiol and Progesterone: For females, these two hormones will be measured together, as it is their ratio to each other that will indicate an imbalance. In reproductive age women, an excess of estradiol in relation to progesterone can explain the following symptoms:
Endometrial hyperplasia
Pre-menstrual syndrome
Fibrocystic breasts
Uterine fibroids
Older women who use estrogen supplements alone can have a deficiency in progesterone, which can lead to symptoms of estrogen dominance, including:
Weight gain in the hips and thighs
Fibrocystic and tender breasts
Uterine fibroids
Water retention
Thyroid problems
Estrogen dominance that is not corrected can lead to cancers of the uterus and breasts, and insulin resistance.
The onset of menopause, when ovarian estrogen and progesterone production declines, can bring with it a new subset of symptoms from low estradiol levels, including:
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Vaginal dryness
Sleep disturbances
Foggy thinking
More rapid skin aging
Bone loss
For men, too much estradiol relative to testosterone levels can suppress the testosterone receptors in target tissues and can lead to feminizing effects like breast enlargement.
Even if testosterone levels are normal, symptoms can indicate a functional testosterone deficiency because of the effects of higher than normal estradiol levels.
Progesterone is present in men, but at much lower levels than women. As some men supplement with progesterone for various reasons, it can be useful to monitor that supplementation.
For women, excess testosterone is often caused by ovarian cysts and can lead to conditions such as:
Excessive facial and body hair
Oily skin and hair
Too little testosterone is often caused by excessive stress, medications, contraceptives, and surgical removal of the ovaries. This leads to symptoms of androgen deficiency, including:
Loss of libido
Thinning skin
Vaginal dryness
Loss of bone and muscle mass
Memory lapses
In men, low testosterone levels are the primary indicator of male hypogonadism and andropause. Many things contribute to low testosterone levels, including high cortisol levels and high estrogen levels. Testosterone production in the testes is controlled by the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, and so dysfunctions of the hypothalamus or pituitary can affect levels, as well as the negative feedback effect of estradiol on LH levels to suppress testosterone production.
How does hormone level testing work?
You simply collect the blood at home and ship it to a ZRT lab, where it is tested by professional lab technicians who then provide you with your results confidentially.
These hormone blood tests are a great option because:
Tests can be conducted at home as the samples can be collected at one’s convenience
It makes more sense to test hormone imbalance together and not by singling them out as hormones work together.


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