ZRT 3 Panel Estrogen Trio – Saliva Home Test Kit (E1, E2 & E3)


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-Tests for Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), and Estriol (E3) in Men and Women
-Includes a Detailed Report of Hormone Levels to Review with Your Doctor
-Results Available in Just 5 – 7 Business Days From Date Specimen is Received

*In order to receive results, please print your email address clearly in the test requisition form included in the kit.
By testing the levels of these hormones together, ZRT can create a partial hormone profile for the saliva donor, which gives a more complete picture of health beyond testing a single hormone level. Testing multiple hormone levels at once is also more convenient and less expensive than testing single hormone levels.
This Hormone imbalance saliva test gives you a partial hormone profile, which can give you an idea of your hormone deficiency and health.
These hormone saliva tests are ideal for at-home use where people can perform the collection at their convenience. As hormones work together, it makes more sense to test them for imbalances together rather than testing a single hormone at a time.
Why test for these hormone levels?
This comprehensive estrogen test is the most reliable test available for analyzing all three types of estrogen at the same time. Estrogen plays a crucial function in both men and women and when imbalanced, can cause a number of health issues.
Symptoms of high estrogen include:
Swelling and tenderness in the breasts
Irregular menstrual periods
Mood swings
Decreased sex drive
Fibrocystic developments in the breasts
Weight gain
Hair loss
Feeling tired or lacking energy
Difficulty with memory
Trouble sleeping
Increased symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS
Some of the most common symptoms of high estrogen in men include gynecomastia, infertility, and erectile dysfunction.
Difference between the three Estrogen hormones:

Produced by ovaries and fat tissue.
Preferred hormone to measure estrogen level in post menopausal women.
Also tests for men/women who might have cancer in ovaries/testicles in their adrenal glands.
Estrogen produced by ovaries before menopause.
Preferred testing hormone in non pregnant women.
Estrogen made in large quantities during pregnancy.
Most common Estrogen hormone tested in pregnant women.

How does the Hormone Saliva Test Kit works?
You simply collect the saliva at home and ship it to a ZRT lab with the collection package provided (pre-paid and pre-labeled so no additional fees are required), where it is tested by professional lab technicians who then provide you with your results confidentially.


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