A randomized controlled trial of adherence to a 24 month home based physical activity program and the health benefits for older adults at risk of Alzheimer’s disease: the AIBL active study

September 10 2018

Combined adult neurogenesis and BDNF mimic exercise effects on cognition in an Alzheimer’s mouse model

September 7 2018

Twenty- year trends in diagnosed attention- deficit/ hyperactivity disorder among US children and adolescents, 1997-2016

August 31 2018

Changes in the gut microbiota of urban subjects during an immersion in the traditional diet and lifestyle of a rainforest village

August 29 2018

Antidepressant fluoxetine induces multiple antibiotics resistance in T Escherichia coli via ROS- mediated mutagenesis

July 29 2018

Association between maternal gluten intake and type 1 diabetes in offspring: national prospective cohort study in Denmark

July 26 2018

Human ApoE isoforms deferentially modulate brian glucose and ketone body metabolism: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease risk reduction and early intervention

June 25 2018

The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance 

July 23 2018

Treatment with camu camu (myrciaris dubai) prevents obesity by altering the gut microbiota and increasing energy expenditure in diet-inducing obese mice

July 12 2018

Association of exposure to formula in the hospital and subsequent infant feeding practices with gut microbiota and risk of overweight in the first year of life

July 2 2018

Increased exposure to pesticides and colon cancer: Early evidence in Brazil

June 20 2018

Moderate UV exposure enhances learning and memory by promoting a novel glutamate biosynthetic pathway in the brain 

June 14 2018

Cannabidiol induces rapid and sustained antidepressant-like effects through increased BDNF signaling and synaptogenesis in the prefrontal cortex

June 4 2018

Microbiota modulation counteracts Alzheimer’s disease progression influencing neuronal proteolysis and gut hormones plasma levels

May 25 2018

Estimation of lifetime risks of Alzheimer’s disease dementia using biomarkers for preclinical disease

May 21 2018

Is Alzheimer’s disease a type 3 diabetes? A critical appraisal

May 1 2018

Management of type 1 diabetes with a very low carbohydrate diet

May 1 2018

Evaluating the association between artificial light at night exposure and breast and prostate cancer risk in Spain

April 23 2018

Association between midlife vascular risk factors and estimated brain amyloid deposition

April 11 2018